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International Summit on Energy Efficiency Technologies in Railways on 6th November 2015

Indian Railway (IR) has one of the world’s largest rail networks comprising 115,000km (71,000 mile) of track over a route of 65,436 km (40,660 mile) and 8,495 stations. In 2014-15, IR carried 8.397 billion passengers’ i.e. more than 23 million passengers a day besides 1050 million tons of freight. To meet the demand in growth of passengers and increased freight traffic driven by increase in population, rising incomes, urbanization, rapid industrialization and increased connectivity, IR plans to invest USD 135 billion in next five years on its up-gradation.

By 2015, electrification of tracks on Indian Railways has been extended up to 26,000 km which constitutes around 40% of the total Railway Network. This vast network of Indian Railways consumed around 17.50 billion kWh during 2014-15 corresponding to about 4000 MW for its traction (15.0 billion kWh) and non- traction applications (2.5 billion kWh), which constituted to around 2% of the country’s total power generation.

As per “Indian Railways Vision Document 2020” IR has plans to achieve the cumulative target of 33,000 km electrification of its existing tracks and addition of 25,000 km new lines by 2020. This indicates that energy consumption of IR is going to increase substantially in coming years.

Summit Objectives:
The objective of the Summit is to:

  • Provide a platform to learn and share experience of international & national experts and industry leaders on energy efficiency technologies, solutions and best practices in the Rail Sector.
  • Offer insights and in – depth discussions on a wide range of energy efficiency issues in the Rail Sector.
  • Showcase new technologies and innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency in Indian Railways.
Advocating Energy Efficiency Trends and Technologies for Indian Railways.

Ministry of Railways (MoR), Government of India & The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The partnership is supported by the Global Environment Facility and Institution of Railway Electrica; Engineers.

About the Summit:
Indian Railways has developed a long-term Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program (EECP) (2010-2032). The Program aims at progressively introducing number of energy efficient technologies and measures in the railways system. Indian Railways is taking steps towards energy efficiency and has already reduced its specific electricity consumption by 3.33% in both traction and non-traction systems.

However, considering the energy efficiency opportunities available in the existing infrastructure and the upcoming expansion there is immense scope to learn, adopt and upscale use of innovative energy efficiency technologies, solutions and best practices. Ministry of Railways in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Institution of Railway Electrical Engineers (IREE) is organizing the event to open an international discourse on energy efficiency (traction and non – traction applications) as a Strategic and critical element for large electricity consumers like Rail Sector and facilitate discussions on important advances being made in the design and delivery of technologies and solutions in the Rail Sector. During the event, research work of experts from the field of energy efficiency will be presented. On the sidelines of the event, new technologies and innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency in the Rail Sector will also be showcased by technology leaders.

The Summit is expected to be attended by large number of delegates from all over the world including key experts from the sector, rail operators, rail infrastructure management companies, energy efficiency solution providers and energy efficient technology suppliers.